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HSCCU members have noticed an uptick in messages from the credit union concerning debit card fraud. Your credit union’s efforts to combat fraud are done to provide protection for your funds. These efforts are necessary because if someone illegally accesses your account via your debit card information, the balance could be cleaned out in seconds!

Criminals are accessing debit card information often via online purchases. For instance, one fraud warning was necessary after the information of customers purchasing online with a debit card was hacked by scammers. Thieves created thousands of fake cards and typically used them to purchase gift cards from stores like Walmart. The process for creating cards with your account information can take just a few minutes and your account might be hit with charges before you know it.

We urge members to “stay in touch” with their account information via our mobile app, online banking, FACTline phone program or contacting the credit union directly. The mobile app has proven to provide the most convenient up-to-date information. You can often be logged in to the app while you make a purchase and watch it appear in your account almost instantly. Don’t have the app? Any member services representative will be glad to help you with that in any of our offices.

When shopping online, we encourage members to use a credit card, NOT a debit card. If there are fraudulent purchases...

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