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Why It Is Important To Keep Your Contact Information Updated With Your Credit Union?

Here's a few reasons to update your contact information.

Have you dropped a land line phone and now only use your cell phone?

Be sure to keep your credit union account updated with your current phone number. We need to be able to reach you should questions occur about your accounts. If you are now a mobile phone only person, now would be a great time to talk to someone in our offices about adding our mobile app to your phone. You’ll be surprised how easy and convenient it is to use. Remember the last time you called our office to get a balance update? As efficient as we are about providing that information, you can have the answer via your cell phone and our mobile app within seconds. You can even transfer money from savings to checking or vice versa. It’s a handy free app to have on your phone. Let us show you how it works!


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Teen Auto Loan Program

Are you planning on purchasing a vehicle for a teen? If so, consider our Teen Auto Loan Program. It is a great way to help develop their credit history, and you can be involved, too.


Updated Hours at our Murfreesboro Branches

We are always looking for ways to best serve our members. After a year of testing hours and services in our Murfreesboro offices, we are making changes that should work well for our membership.

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