At Heritage South, “We Help When Others Won’t” isn’t just some fancy marketing slogan – it’s what we do all year long! Do you know all the advantages of being a member of our credit union? We put together a few stats to show you just how much it pays to be a member of Heritage South!

$2.6 Million

While some financial institutions may run short-term deals or give one-time bonuses, we pay our members all year long. In the past year, that has equaled over $2.6 million paid back to Heritage South members in dividends.

Better Rates

We conducted a study of the deposit rates of 7 other financial institutions operating in Bedford, Marshall, and/or Rutherford counties. We averaged the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the 5-year certificate at those institutions (as of August 4th, 2020) and compared it to our 5-year certificate account rate. We found that our rate was up to .50% higher than the average annual percentage rate of those competitors!

Fewer Fees

Monthly account maintenance fees are all too common these days, but not on our standard checking account. We have no monthly account fees and no minimum balances on our standard checking account, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get that $0 fee. A study of the same 7 area financial institutions found that monthly checking account fees range as high as $18, with the average fee being over $5 per month! Our standard checking account also offers optional overdraft protection*, and while this service does have a fee, it is the lowest overdraft fee of our competitors surveyed, which range from $25-$38.

In addition to our standard checking account, we offer a second chance checking account for our members who have had difficulty managing a checking account in the past. This account, called our Rally Checking Account, does have a monthly fee. However, after one year, our Rally Checking account can convert to a standard checking account if it has regular deposits and transactions with no overdrafts.

Save Money by Refinancing

Another way We Help When Others Won’t all year long is by refinancing higher interest rate loans. From time to time, we even run auto loan promotions where we refinance and reduce a member’s auto loan interest rate from another lender by 2%. Since January 2019, we have loaned $10.6 million during these promotions. That’s a lot of money saved for our members in interest charges!

Loan Specials

We also help our members save money by running loans specials at different points during the year. Now through September 30th, we are running a Back-to-school loan special, but we also have done Vacation loan specials, Christmas loan specials, and Auto Refinance specials in the past year.

More Business, More Rewards

We have one final example for you: the more business you do with us, the better savings and loan rates you could get! More than just having a higher balance in a Gold Share account (which gives you a higher rate), we can offer relationship bonuses on both certificate rates and consumer lending rates for members who qualify. These relationship bonuses vary but are based upon having an active checking account, aggregate balance in your deposit accounts, and previous loan history.

#WeHelpWhenOthersWont #AllYearLong

* Courtesy Pay and Debit Card Courtesy Pay programs may be subject to eligibility requirements and allow you to overdraw your consumer checking account up to a disclosed limit for a $25 fee in order for us to pay a transaction. Even if you have other overdraft transfer plans, the Courtesy Pay or Debit Card Courtesy Pay programs are still available as secondary coverage if the other protection is exhausted. When you are charged a fee for the payment of an overdraft, that fee is subtracted from your coverage limit in addition to the amount of the transaction resulting in the overdraft. The other overdraft transfer plans mentioned may help prevent overdrafts by automatically transferring funds to your consumer checking account from another checking, savings, or money market account or a line of credit you have at the Credit Union. Please note that any line of credit is subject to credit approval. These services may cost less than the Courtesy Pay or Debit Card Courtesy Pay programs.

Your account balance is based on the funds available in your account.  You may incur multiple returned fees for the same presented check, draft, or item. Please refer to your Membership Account Agreement or speak with a Heritage South Community Credit Union representative for more information.