Debit Cards and Rental Cars

There’s tremendous confusion when it comes to using debit cards for car rentals across the country. And there are very good reasons why: many rental car companies do not accept debit cards. Others say they do, but in practice, the policy will vary from location to location. The reason for this comes down to risk and fraud. Basically, rental companies take on a greater risk with debit cards because it is harder for them to charge for extra fees like parking tickets, fines, or dents. Account holders take on greater risk of having large chunks of their funds tied up in debit card holds while they are on vacation. Financial institutions take on greater risk from stolen debit cards racking up thousands of dollars in losses stolen from accounts.

If you're traveling and want to get a rental car, Heritage South members will need to use a credit card. Heritage South offers a Platinum Credit Card that is very popular with our members. This credit card has no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees. We also have a Share Secured Credit Card for members who need to build their credit in order to qualify for a traditional credit card. You can learn more about either of these credit card options by calling 931-680-1400 or by visiting any Heritage South location. 

Again, please do not use your Heritage South debit card at a car rental company. These type of debit card transactions will not be accepted (whether it be on the part of the rental company or your credit union) due to a significant increase of fraudulent transactions originating from car rental businesses.