Debit Card Fraud Alert

A tremendous amount of debit card fraud is currently hitting financial institutions across the country. With this new wave of fraud, it is more important than ever that you contact the credit union if you plan on traveling outside of Tennessee. Heritage South takes fraud very seriously and does everything possible to protect our members’ accounts. One of the ways we protect accounts is by blocking the states or areas where we see fraudulent transactions originating. If you are traveling outside Tennessee, please give us a call at 931-680-1400 to ensure that access to your debit card and funds will not be interrupted. For a complete list of blocked states and more information, please login to your online account and visit the "Manage Debit Card Blocked States" link under the Services tab. That page also allows you to unblock a state for a short length of time. If you need to unblock a state for a longer period of time, or have additional questions, please contact us.