Don't Fall for Scam Texts or Calls!

Fraudulent text messages are continuing to circulate in our area. These texts claim to be from our credit union, asking if a fake charge on your account is legitimate. When you reply, scammers will call or text you and request your online banking login information. These scams change slightly every time, but the premise is the same: they pretend to need your account information to refund a fake purchase. Once they have this information, they begin stealing your money.

Please remember these tips for preventing fraud:

  • We will NEVER ask for your online banking username and password to verify your identity.
  • We will NEVER ask for your debit card number and PIN to verify your identity. 
  • We will NEVER ask you to give us the security code sent via text when you log in to your online account. Anyone asking for this code is a scammer attempting to access your account.
  • We will NEVER promise to refund your money via Cash App, Venmo, gift cards, or bank-to-bank transfers. 

If you receive a suspicious text message, email, or phone call — call us at 931-680-1400 to verify if it's real. If you believe you may have provided your information to a scammer, please contact us immediately.