How can you avoid having transactions blocked?

Call the credit union before you travel. Let us know where and when you will be traveling, and we will temporarily remove any blocks that may be among your destinations. We will monitor your account during your trip. When you return, the block for those states will be applied to your card again and remain until you need to travel again.

What if I forget to call?

Often you may experience a blocked transaction when our office is closed, such as on a Sunday. This is why we always urge members to take three forms of payment when traveling. These are your best options:
  1. HSCCU Debit Card
  2. HSCCU Member Rewards Visa or Platinum Visa credit card
  3. HSCCU checks or
  4. Cash
These will allow you to have fewer headaches and enjoy your trip!

I don’t have a credit card. Don’t want one!

We do recommend that you talk with a Heritage South lender about a credit card. If you don’t have one, never have had one, don’t want one – let’s talk about it and see if keeping one in your wallet on reserve is a good idea. For qualified applicants, we can provide a low available balance and show you convenient ways to pay online and keep your card current. Credit cards do not give scammers instant access to your funds in your checking account, and if you are a smart credit card user it can be a great asset for you when traveling. For instance, at many gas stations, rental car agencies and hotels when you make a purchase/rental agreement or reservations with a debit card, a hold for much more than you purchased can be placed on your checking account. The hold is placed by the business not the credit union. This could restrict your access to your money for several hours or as long as 24 hours. Holds are not placed on credit card purchases.

Traveling should be fun!

As you pack, remember to call Heritage South, 931-680-1400, to avoid a money headache while on the road!