Keeping Your Contact Information Updated

Fraudulent Calls

Another reason for needing your cell phone number – if someone is calling about your account and we fear it is fraudulent; we can contact you immediately to verify that the caller is legitimate. It happens more often than you think!

Do you have an email address?

We understand that you are hesitant to give your email address to businesses; no one wants their in-box filled with junk email. When it comes to information about your money, we think you want information as quickly as we can get it to you. Email is quickly becoming the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to contact members. You know that as employees of Heritage South, you charge us with being good stewards of your money. That includes trying to save money when we can. As printing and postage costs continue to increase, we are finding that emailing is one of our best ways to contact you. Think about it: if we mailed information to every member just once a month, postage alone could cost in excess of $10,000. That’s $120,000 annually. Sending you a short email is much better!

PLEASE! Next time you’re in the branch, ask to add your email address to your account contact information. Find a branch near you.