Insurance & Protection

Protect Your Purchase

Purchasing a car is one of the largest purchases you will make. Remove the worry and buy with confidence with these insurance and protection options available with your Heritage South Auto Loan! They are more affordable than you might think and can be financed into your loan so there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Coverage

If your car is wrecked or stolen, your insurance company will offer you a settlement for the value of your car. Unfortunately, even the best plans may not cover the rest of your outstanding loan, creating a loan “gap” on the money you owe. With Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), you might not have to find the cash to pay the deficit between your insurance check and your remaining loan balance. No one wants to continue to make loan payments on a totaled car!

Payment Protection

There’s relief in knowing your loan will not become a burden to you or your family in times of hardship. If the unexpected happens and you are faced with disability, involuntary unemployment, or even death, Payment Protection insurance takes care of your loan payments. It could even cancel your remaining loan balance without penalty or added interest!

Route 66 Extended Warranty

Even the most reliable vehicle can develop a mechanical problem. That's where the Route 66 Warranty comes in. It offers a complete line of coverage designed to keep your vehicle on the road. No matter where you travel in the United States, it protects you against major mechanical expenses, and there is no deductible on covered parts or labor!

Talk to a lender today to learn more about our loan insurance and protection options.

Additional Information

When your needs or circumstances change, it may be necessary to cancel a product you purchased. Often, ancillary products will be canceled when a member pays off their vehicle early, whether through a trade-in, sale or otherwise paying down the balance of their loan before its maturity date. Other reasons can include events such as a total vehicle loss, repossession, or simply a change of mind. Whatever your situation, when you wish to cancel an ancillary product, you should start by checking the terms of your product’s contract. Our lending team can also assist you with this when you call or stop by any of our credit union offices.