Lending Rates

Performance Plus Loan Rates

Type of Loan Rate Term Amount
New Autos, Used Autos and All Others

*7.15% - 18%**

24 to 96* Months Up to 100% of Sticker or NADA Retail Value + Taxes, Tags
Signature Loans *10.45% to 18%** 36 Months Based on annual income*
Signature Line of Credit *10.45% to 18%** Revolving Payments based on 36 Month payout of credit limit Based on annual income*
Share Secured Loan 2% above index (index is the rate currently being paid on regular shares) The loan must be paid in full before the shares can be withdrawn. Amount of shares pledged
Share Certificate Secured Loan 2% above index (index is the rate being paid on the certificate offered as collateral) The loan must be paid in full before the certificate is redeemed. Amount of shares in certificate account pledged
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit *17.50% Revolving
Minimum payment of $40 monthly
Up to $500*

*With approved credit.

**On signature and lines of credit, the rate you receive is based on your credit score. On auto and secured loans, the rate you receive is based on your credit score, the term of the loan, and the age of the collateral. You will be informed of the rate you qualify for before the loan is closed.

Filing Fees – You will be charged a lien filing fee at the time of an advance if the credit union takes a security interest in your collateral. The amount will be based upon the amount of fee required by state law or for the credit union to secure a lien on your property.

Late Payment Fee – A late charge of 5% of your scheduled payment with a minimum of $5.00 will be collected if your payment is received 20 or more days past the due date.

Application Fee - $50.00

Home Equity Line Of Credit

Rates are variable and are tied to the Federal Reserve Board Prime rate + a margin depending on credit score and loan to value. Rates can adjust twice a year in February and August, based on the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal in January and July. Minimum rate is 4.75% and maximum rate is 18%.

Mortgage Loans

The credit union has several different mortgage loan options available. Both in-house and through the secondary market. Rates are subject to change daily. Please call the credit union for current rates.

For more information, please contact our mortgage department.

Visa Platinum Credit Card Rates

ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE for purchases & Cash Advances 8.9% to 18.00%*
Time Period for Repayment of Balance Purchases 25 Days
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchase Average Daily Balance (Excluding New Purchases)
Annual Fee None
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction Fees for cash advance & purchases None