Teen Auto Loan Program

With a driver's license comes freedom - but what if you're stuck asking for rides from friends? It is time for your own vehicle. Heritage South's Teen Auto Loan Program is here to help. With the help of your parents, you can get an auto loan in your name that builds your credit with a timely payment history. This will help you in the future when you go to apply for another loan, credit card, or even a mortgage.

For parents:

Are you planning on purchasing a vehicle for your teen? If so, consider our Teen Auto Loan Program. It is a great way to help them develop credit history, and - as a credit-worthy parent - you can be involved, too. The teen’s name would appear on the loan and you as a co-signer. Their credit history would develop with timely payment and be reflected in their credit score. This could be beneficial whenever they need to apply for their next car loan or credit card or even a mortgage. If you would like more information about how Heritage South can work with you and your teen about developing a healthy credit history, visit any of our locations and talk with a member of our staff. Now you know what our members say is true, we help when others won’t!

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