Credit unions are unique. When you become a member, you become an owner of the credit union as well. You are entitled to vote at the credit union's annual meeting, where a voluntary Board of Directors is elected that is responsible for making decisions for the membership.

As a credit union member, you are also an owner; therefore, maintaining your financial business with the credit union is in your best interest, as well as that of your fellow members (coworkers, family members, and neighbors). Your deposits make it possible for other members to borrow money for homes and automobiles. Your loans make it possible for others to earn dividends on their savings. Credit union membership is a cooperation between you and your fellow members.

Because your credit union is not-for-profit, earnings are returned to the entire membership in the form of higher dividend rates on savings, lower loan rates, and financial services that are affordable.

The most important benefit of Heritage South Community Credit Union membership is knowing that you will be treated as owner, with respect and courtesy, and that you will always receive service with a smile.