$tarting a Lifetime of Opportunity

Heritage South Community Credit Union’s FOCU$ program is geared toward teenagers ages 13 to 18. Its main purpose is to educate young members about financial responsibility, as well as introduce them to Heritage South products and services they will be using as they move into the next phase of their life. Different products and services are available to teens depending on their age.

 Products & Services

Share Account – Required for membership in the credit union; Equivalent to a savings account.

Share Draft Account – Joint checking account with a legal guardian.

Share Certificate – Same terms and rates as our regular share certificates.

Online/Mobile Access
– Online account access is available for all accounts, as well as access to our mobile app.

Semi-Annual Newsletters
– Available in either printed format or via email.

Educational Materials
– Brochures, posters, and other printed materials.

ATM/Debit Cards
– Student may be eligible for a debit card after successfully managing their checking account for six months.

VISA Credit Cards – Parents will be required to cosign for these cards, with limits not to exceed $300 until the member turns 18 years old or enters college

First-Time Borrowers Program – Loan will be in the student’s name, but parents will be required to cosign. This is the perfect loan program to purchase a first car and build credit. Loans based on student’s ability to make regular payments and credit scored determined by prevailing rates.

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction – Available to students as they enter the work force. Based upon availability of their employer.


Products & Services Age 13
 Age 14-15  Age 16-18
Regular Share Account 
 x  x x
Share Draft Account  x  x x
Share Certificate  x  x x
Online/Mobile Access  x  x x
Semi-Annual Newsletter  x  x x
Educational Brochures  x  x x
ATM/Debit Cards    x x
First Time Borrowers Program     x
VISA Credit Cards     x
Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction     x

*Age and other mandatory requirements may be waived. See Member Service Representative for more details.