Now available!

Our new online banking and mobile app are now available! Click the links below to download.

Download the HSCCU Mobile App in the App StoreDownload the HSCCU Mobile App on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to change my password? No! You will use the same user name and password that you currently use to login. When you login the first time, you will be asked to enter your cell phone number or email to set up two factor authentication – an extra security feature where our system sends you a short code to verify it is you signing in.

Do I need to download a new app for my phone? Yes, you will need to download a new app. When our new app launches on September 29th, head to your phone’s app store to download the new app (it is not an update to our old app – you will need to download an entirely new app). We will post links to the new app on our Facebook page when they are available. Once the new app launches, our previous mobile app will no longer work and should be deleted from your phone.

Will I be able to unblock a state for my debit card? Yes! On the “Accounts” tab, select “Manage Debit Card Blocks.”

Will I still be able to deposit a check using my phone? Yes – look for the “Remote Deposits” option on the mobile app menu.

I have a reoccurring transfer between my savings and checking account that I set up in my current online banking. Will this stop? No. Any reoccurring transfers that you have scheduled between your accounts will continue.

I currently use BillPay. Will this transfer to the new online banking? Yes, BillPay will be available in our new online banking and mobile app. Your payees and automatic payments will transfer.

I currently have Bank-to-Bank transfers set up for external bank accounts. Will these transfers still work? Yes, the Bank-to-Bank transfers will still work.

I currently have a text alert set up for my checking account. Will the alert still work? You will need to set up new alerts for your accounts. Just go to the account that you would like to set up an alert for and click on “Alert Preferences.”

I used “My Finance” software for my monthly budgets. Will this be in the new online banking? There will be a new budgeting app that you can use on either a desktop computer or within the mobile app. If you have any accounts or budgets manually added to our current “My Finance” software, they will not transfer. Look for the “Spending Habits” link on your Savings or Checking account page to access the new budgeting app.

How do I download or export my transactions? Click on the specific account you want to download, then click to view the transactions for that account. At the top of the transactions page, there is an option to download, print, or search transactions. The download arrow will give you the option to save as CSV, TXT, or OFX.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 931-680-1400.