Fraud Alert: August 15, 2018

August 15, 2018

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Fraud Alert: Scam Phone Calls

Please be aware that we have received reports of scam phone calls targeting Heritage South members. This scam "spoofs" our toll-free number and therefore may appear to be from the credit union. Once they reach a member, scammers will claim to be from the "Fraud Department of Heritage South" and request your debit card number, PIN, and CVV code to confirm your identity. This type of scam is not unique to Heritage South. Other financial institutions in our area have experienced identical scams in the past and continue to experience them now.

Remember: Heritage South will NEVER call you and request your debit card number, PIN, CVV code, or password for identification. We will also NEVER call you from an 800 number (Our 800-852-5136 number is available for members to call toll free, but any outgoing phone calls from Heritage South employees will not be from this number). If someone contacts you claiming to be from Heritage South and asks for personal information, we advise you to hang up and contact us.

If you have received one of these fraud phone calls and provided them with your debit card information, please contact us immediately at 931-680-1400.