Travel Reminder: Manage blocked states with online banking!

August 01, 2018

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By now, you have most likely heard the frequent reminder to always notify the credit union whenever you are traveling. If you are traveling to an area that has seen a large number of fraudulent transactions, your debit card transaction might be blocked. One way to manage your travel plans is to use your online account access and unblock states yourself at your convenience! Just log in to your account, click the "Services " tab at the top, then select the option for "Manage Debit Card Blocked States" (see the image below). You can then unblock any state for up to 14 days, though we recommend you unblock a state for only as long as you are traveling. If you need to unblock a state for longer than 14 days, or are traveling internationally, please call us at 931-680-1400 and one of our member services representatives can assist you with this.