Google Pay™

You already use your phone for just about everything. Now you can pay with it, too. Just add your Heritage South credit or debit card to Google Pay on your compatible Android™ phone, and start shopping in stores, in apps, and online. Google Pay can be used at millions of stores around the world, wherever contactless payments are accepted.


When you use your phone to pay in stores, Google Pay doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead it uses a virtual account number to represent your account info – so your card details stay safe and secure. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can use Android Device Manager to instantly lock it from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or wipe it clean of personal data.

How to use

  1. Download the Google Pay App.

  2. Add you Heritage South credit or debit card to the app.

  3. You're done! You're ready to pay in any supported app or at any store that uses contactless payments. Just look for one of these symbols at checkout:
    2 symbols for Google pay

Learn more about Google Pay.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Android, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.