This fee schedule for all accounts sets forth certain conditions, fees, and charges applicable to your share accounts, share draft accounts, and term share accounts at Heritage South Community Credit Union currently in effect. This schedule is incorporated as part of your account agreement with Heritage South Community Credit Union.

Type of Fee Fee Amount
Membership Fee
(One time fee upon joining)
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee
(After 3 withdrawals from savings in a month)
Monthly Inactive Account Fee
(After no activity for 1 year and a balance less than $50, members under age 18 excluded)
Returned Mail Fee
(Per Item)
Monthly Bad Address Fee
(For each month the account has an undeliverable address)
Non-sufficient funds/Overdraft Privilege
(Per item-occurrence)
Stop Payment $25.00
Returned Payment Fee up to $25.00
Debit Card Dispute Fee (per dispute) $15.00
Temporary Share Drafts
(Per page includes 4 checks)
Cancelled Draft/Check Copy
(Per draft)
Transaction History Printout
(Per page)
Card Replacement or New PIN $8.00
Wire Transfers $12.00
Teller Checks $1.00
Money Orders $1.50
Visa Travel Money Card $5.00
Attachment/Garnishment/Levy Fee $10.00
Check Cashing Fee 2% of amount of check If savings account average balance is less than $50 and no other active accounts
Check Cashed or Deposited Returned Unpaid for Any Reason $8.00
Research/Reconcile Account
Per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Copy or Fax $0.25
Early Account Closure
(If closed within 60 days of opening)
Collection Fee for Negative Checking $30.00
Name SS# Mismatch
(Passthrough fee charged by IRS)
Gold Share Account Fees – Monthly Minimum Balance Fee
(if balance falls below $2500)
Gold Share Account Fees – Checks written over the maximum (3) $20.00
Gold Share Account Fees – Excessive Withdrawals over the maximum (3) $20.00
Bill Pay is FREE for all HSCCU Members who have eStatements and direct deposit/payroll deduction. Bill Pay fee for members without eStatements and direct deposit/payroll deduction: $2.95
Lock Box Rental

Loan Application Fees

Mortgage Application Fee: $50.00

Consumer Loan Application Fee: $50.00