Heritage South Kid's Club

Heritage South Kid’s Club is a free resource designed to teach our younger members the importance of financial responsibility and the way they can go about earning, saving and spending their money wisely. We also want to education Kid’s Club members on what a credit union is and how we can help them financially as they grow older. Kid’s Club members are invited to attend seasonal events at our branch locations and will also receive birthday cards every year!


There are only two requirements for eligibility into the Heritage South Kid’s Club:

First, the child must be a member of the credit union with an active share/savings account in his/her name at Heritage South Credit Union. If a child is not currently a member, but wishes to join the Kid’s Club, he or she can still do so but must first become a member.

Second, the child cannot be older than 12. Most of the material for the Kid’s Club is designed to be understood by young children-often times with the help of an adult. Many of the projects such as coloring sheets, etc., can be enjoyed and completed without the help of an adult. At age 13, Kid’s Club members will transition to Heritage South’s FOCU$ Teen program.

Heritage South Kids Coins

The purpose of Heritage South Kids Coins is to teach children how to earn and save money, then make wise decisions as to how to spend or deposit it. In the past, children would bring deposits to a branch and receive 1-3 Kids Coins based upon the amount they deposited. Once they collected 35 coins, they may turn them in to receive a $10 cash reward deposited into their account!

We are currently working on a new system to encourage saving money that will be similar in nature to Kids Coins program. Look for information on this soon!