Credit Cards

Member Rewards VISA Credit Card


 The Heritage South Member Rewards VISA Credit Card is your choice for everyday convenience and amazing rewards paired with industry-leading technology and security. It includes EMV Chip technology to protect your accounts and works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Earn points just by using your card and redeem them for an incredible selection of merchandise, travel options, event tickets and activities.

Platinum VISA Credit Card


Heritage South Community Credit Union meets its members' credit card needs with the most widely recognized card in the country. Our Platinum VISA card features a rate as low as 8.9% APR* and no annual fee. You also can have free additional cards and access to all VISA Net - ATM networks. We also offer cash advances through our offices - all without the hassle of transaction fees.

Payments to our VISA program can be made three ways - in person at any of our offices, through mail to our office, or via internet account access.
* 'APR' - Annual Percentage Rate. The rate applied is determined by the member's credit score.

VISA Debit Cards

The VISA Debit Card from Heritage South Community Credit Union gives our members the convenience of paying for purchases with money in their checking account. The only difference is instead of writing a check, you simply hand the merchant your VISA Debit Card and the funds are automatically deducted from your share draft account.

In addition to being used as a debit card, your VISA Debit Card can also be used to withdraw cash from any ATM machine bearing the VISA logo. These funds are likewise drawn from your share draft account and can be accessed at any time - day or night.
VISA Debit Cards are available at any Heritage South branch - instantly. Speak to a member service representative to have a new or replacement card printed on the spot.

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card

(931) 680-1490

Report Lost or Stolen VISA Debit Card

(931) 684-3596