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HSCCU Debit and Credit Cards Now Have Chip Technology

Effective this month, Heritage South VISA credit cards and debit cards will include EMV-chip technology.

First question: Why?

You’ve probably seen the fraud alerts that we send you concerning illegal access to debit cards. One of the reasons that this has become so rampant is that scam artists have perfected duplicating some card information. The EMV technology should reduce the amount of fraud.


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Never Give Out Your Online Account Username or Password

There is never a legitimate need for a person or business to have your online account username and password. Revealing your login information gives a scammer complete access to your online account as well as all features of our mobile app.


Stuff the Bus

Help us “Stuff the Bus” to support school children in our area! Drop off school supplies at our Shelbyville and Lewisburg locations through July 29th.

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